black magic

You didn’t know what you’d find when you were browsing today but a voluptuous wood nymph emerges to leave electric traces of touch across your skin and black cherry stains on your lips. Curiosity has led you steps closer to fantasies fulfilled, earthy pleasures under total cover of blackout privacy

crazy sexy cool

No matter how you like to unwind, release and recharge I am at your service. An accomplished companion and personal concierge, I am capable of providing whatever you desire and the word “no” isn’t in my lexicon.

My photos show you what I look like- all almond eyes, big smile, big curves, and big hair…but let me tell you quickly what I’m about-

I live for sensuality and dreams- I’m not tethered to the reality you are

Dark-humored and intelligent, my irreverent disdain for the mundane and high energy style will leave you breathless. I’m open-minded without even a hint of judgment about your desires; my greatest strength lies in being a person with whom most feel they can simply be themselves.

I’m here to be your partner-in-crime, personal porn star, erotic therapist and friend…let me help you take a big load off, you look like you need it ;-).





May 19 to May 22

May 22 to May 24

May 24 to May 25





calendar of availability


Know that it is my intention to provide my companionship, relaxation & private entertainment to the best of my ability.

  • Respect all boundaries; if I express physical or emotional discomfort or distaste for anything it must cease immediately

  • Do not call or text me at odd hours (12am-5am)

  • Please keep your promises and your appointments. If I must cancel I will always go above and beyond to correct that in the form of a reduced fee or additional uncompensated time. Same day cancellations with less than 4 hours notice will require full payment in order to schedule again.

  • If you find that you want to chat with me in between appointments please be thoughtful and visit Just The Tip for an occasional gift like Amazon or Starbucks. If you don’t think to do it I will be forced to be formal about it and I’d really rather not be. You know that I am a pro companion & time is compensated.

  • One or two points of contact is all it takes to schedule with me. If I haven’t responded I don’t feel its safe to do so or your request is incomplete.

  • Read all directions carefully before travel to me or arrival

  • Casual wear to private incall is acceptable; if you are visiting my upscale hotel please dress appropriately for a date (business casual, nice jeans, no sweats)

  • Grooming + hygiene are important for any romantic date including one with a professional companion 

  • When visiting my incall please follow the directions provided. Directions I provide will be very specific and the most discreet, professional way to reach me Wandering around looking for side entrances, stairwells and other suspicious activities - you are my guest, don’t be shady

  • I live and travel as a single woman, appearances are very important to me. Entrances to incall locations should be ghost-like

  • When visiting please wait until you are well beyond the entrance with the door closed behind you before hellos (and please hug me!)

  • I absolutely love to receive flowers but I cannot take them home when I’m on tour and it raises eyebrows- bring a gift card or Champagne instead :)

  • Florida Gentlemen: Please do not bring weapons into my incall. Lock your gun in your glove box before arriving at my door.

  • Please place your gift on the nearest surface shortly after arrival. No envelope, discussion or acknowledgment required

  • If I am meeting you for lunch, dinner or a social date please put my gift in a book or gift bag and hand it to me when I arrive.

  • I love gentle PDA- brief touches of affirmation, light kisses, hugs, hand holding, and it comes very natural to me. But if we are in a place that I frequent (or can expect to be brought to again) i.e. an upscale hotel lounge or fine dining restaurant please do not paw all over me or expect sloppy behavior.

  • Please do not ask me "what [you] owe me" and proceed to peel off bills. My appearance fees are unambiguous, non-negotiable and detailed here

  • Please do not discuss specific details of our engagement on message boards or with other providers. Discretion is a two-way street

  • I am available to provide references if we have met within the last calendar year. Never mistreat another provider after I’ve provided a positive reference.

  • Just have fun, there is nothing more natural than what we plan to do. You take care of me, I take care of you - its all very simple and wonderful


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